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Louisiana Boat/Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Louisiana

Having peace of mind during your boating adventures around Louisiana will go a long way in helping protect those great memories you create with your loved ones. While preventive tips such as wearing safety gear are one way to go about it, getting watercraft insurance will be a suitable solution. Below, MultiSurance discusses some policies to look into to keep your loved ones safe.

Uninsured Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Injuries and damage are not just limited to road trips, with boating excursions likely to lead to a few mishaps. If you collide with an uninsured boater with no policy, this cover will help pay for your injuries and those sustained by your passengers. It will also reimburse you for the repairs and replacement expenses needed based on the extent of the accident.

Property Coverage

Whether you are a pro at boating or have just acquired your license, mistakes are bound to happen occasionally, with collision accidents with other boats and property, such as a dock or piers, likely to occur. Property coverage helps pay for the damage costs when this happens, leaving your finances intact.

Boat/Watercraft Liability Coverage

This policy will be ideal in helping you cover 3rd party costs when you are found liable for a boating accident. It protects you from incurring repair and replacement damage costs and will provide compensation for the destruction caused. It will also come in handy in paying for medical expenses when other parties sustain injuries.

Boat/Watercraft Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payment coverage takes care of your hospital bills when you or your passengers are injured in an accident. It will help cover costs such as ambulance fees, prescription costs, and consultation expenses.

Boat/watercraft insurance is essential for boating enthusiasts, allowing you to keep your costs to a minimum when unexpected perils occur. Contact MultiSurance in New Orleans, LA today to get covers customized to your boating needs.

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